Live Online Classes

As we are currently unable to practice together in person, Kind Yoga classes are now available as Live Stream classes online via Zoom.

To join a class:

  • Click your chosen class link below to register (times are Melbourne, Australia time)
  • Upon registration, you will receive an automated confirmation email which includes a link that you will need to click to access the class on the day
  • Sign up for a free Zoom account, if you don’t already have one, and download the Zoom app ahead of time (blue with white video camera icon) to be able to access these online classes
  • You will have the option to share your camera and / or audio once you enter the class. We can choose to turn cameras and microphones on and say hi at the beginning of class, and then I recommend muting during the class to avoid background noise.
  • To protect the security of our online space, participants will need to manually be granted access to the ‘Zoom meeting’ for live online classes, so please ensure you arrive promptly as you would with an in-person class (allowing some time for any potential technical difficulties).

Pay As You Can classes

  • Classes are Pay-As-You-Can. You can either click one of the payment buttons below, make a bank deposit using the details below, or send a direct PayPal payment via
    * I understand that a lot of folks are out of work right now, so if you are unable to make a payment, you are still very welcome to come to class. There are lots of ways to offer support other than financially, such as sharing about these classes on social media, or inviting your friends, which is greatly appreciated.

Preparing for online classes:

  •  I recommend gathering the following ‘props’ to support you in your practice:
    • a yoga mat if you have one, or a comfy surface, towel or blanket
    • 2 x bed pillows (roughly same size)
    • 2-3 beach / bath towels
    • a kitchen chair
    • a wall if you have one accessible
    • a scarf or pillow case if you’d like to use it as an eye pillow
    • if you’d like, a blanket to keep warm during the final relaxation component of the class
    • Perhaps download / cue up an at-home playlist as per the suggestions below
  • Please note – I won’t be able to play music while I’m teaching using this online platform, so if you’d like a soundtrack for your class you can use this Kind Yoga playlist I have created on Spotify and play during class (ensuring you have selected to mute your sound during the class). Please note – you’ll need a Spotify premium account to listen without ads, but if you like any particular songs you can buy them on iTunes and play on repeat or create your own playlist. This is also a beautiful album on Spotify for your class soundtrack: Held by Trevor Oswalt and East Forrest (thanks to @sashasigel for the recommendation)

Pay-As-You-Can Payment Buttons:

Kind Yoga Live-Stream Online Yoga Class


Kind Yoga Live-Stream Online Yoga Class


Kind Yoga Live-Stream Online Yoga Class


Kind Yoga Live-Stream Online Yoga Class


Kind Yoga Live-Stream Online Yoga Class


You are also welcome to make a class payment via bank deposit into following account (if you are located in Australia) using your name as the payment reference:

Account Name: Robyn Bell
BSB: 083 629
Account Number: 526726295