Robyn_Bell_Kind_Yoga_HS_LRHi, I’m Robyn – the founder of Kind Yoga. I was first introduced to yoga as a teenager, and have practiced with a variety of teachers in a variety of styles since then.

My philosophy is to treat yourself, the planet, and all beings with kindness.

I grew up in Echuca, Victoria, and have since lived in Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, which has expanded my experience and knowledge of yoga through the beautiful teachers and mentors I have met throughout this journey.

It is wonderful to now be sharing yoga with my home-town community in Echuca.

My Yoga Training / Teachers:

Robyn_Bell_Kind_Yoga_1_LR♥  350 hr ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Zinman (Byron Bay, 2013)
♥  50 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training  with Rachel Zinman (Byron Bay, 2014)
♥  1-Day Art of Adjustment workshop with Eve Grzybowski (Gold Coast, 2014)
♥  2-Day Extended Learning and Yoga Therapy training with Maria Kirsten and Judy Krupp (Sydney, 2014)
♥  Yoga Prescriptions for Teachers workshop with Tiffany Cruikshank (USA) (Melbourne, 2015)
♥  100 hr Byron Yoga Centre Yoga Therapy training with Maria Kirsten, Judy Krupp, Eve Grzybowski and Libbie Nelson (Byron Bay, 2015)
♥  2-Day Yoga for Injuries workshop with Amy Ippoliti (USA) (Melbourne, 2015)
♥  50 hr Injury Clinic & Healing Intensive Yoga training with Lois Nesbitt (USA) (Melbourne, 2016)
♥    2-Day Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga (Byron Bay, 2017)
♥   3-Day Yoga for Seniors and Older Adults Teacher Training with Maria Kirsten (Lennox Head, 2018)
♥   2-Day Body Positive Accessible Yoga Workshop with Sarah Harry (Melbourne, 2019)
♥   3.5 hour Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga workshop with Jo Buick (Melbourne, 2019)


The things that make my soul smile are my yoga practice, hikes in nature, long walks accompanied by my favourite podcasts, live music, travel, time with family, friends and like-minded folk, creating community, and enjoying delicious healthy vegan food prepared with love.

One of my treasured yoga teachers once told me that “everything about yoga should be delightful” which strongly resonated, as I approach my teaching, as well as my own practice, with the intention of nurturing and listening to the wisdom of your own body, while also having fun. I have a background in remedial massage and a strong interest in the inner workings of the human body and anatomy, and I therefore approach yoga from this perspective of the physiological benefits of the practice, as well as the nourishment for the mind and soul.

My classes are nourishing, nurturing, suitable for people of all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility. The focus of Kind Yoga is on safe alignment (while finding the variations of such alignment that suit your individual body and needs), as well as gentle stretching and strengthening, mindful movement, and using props / variations to enable the postures to be comfortable and beneficial for all. Kind Yoga classes have the intention of facilitating relaxation of the mind and body, increased mobility – moving every joint, in every direction, every day – and finding a balance of strength and flexibility, with the heart of traditional yogic philosophy and principles.

Read more about Kind Yoga here.

*Photos by Kate Nutt Photography, shot at Byron Yoga Centre, 2017.

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