Welcome to Kind Yoga

“Come as you are, use what you have, do what you can.”
– Dianne Bondy

Kind and inclusive yoga classes in Echuca, Victoria with Robyn Bell.


What is Kind Yoga?

Kind Yoga is an antidote for modern daily life and all the sitting, hunching, driving, typing, texting, doing, stressing and busy-ness that comes along with it.

Kind Yoga is ideal for you if you work hard, study hard, or train hard, and also ideal for those who have chosen to step away from hard-work activities for a more gentle approach to life.

Kind Yoga is medicine for your joints, muscles and nervous system.

Kind Yoga is intelligent and mindful movement, and gentle, functional strengthening and lengthening. It is connection with breath. It is finding and appreciating stillness.

It is yoga to be felt, not performed. It is yoga for longevity.

Kind Yoga is patient, forgiving and non-judgmental. It shows compassion.

It is a place to be your authentic self, show up for yourself, and celebrate all that makes you a unique, beautiful human being. It is a place where you can let go of any need to fit within anyone else’s ideas of what you should be. It celebrates our diversity but also unifies us – as no matter your gender, age, race, religion or sexuality, we all breathe, and can all experience the benefits of breathing, and moving, together.

Kind Yoga is yoga to make your day, or week, or even just that 1 hour while you are on the mat feel a bit better – a bit more calm, a bit more comfortable, a bit more manageable.

It will sometimes present challenges – perhaps you will feel challenged in movement, or challenged in stillness, but it teaches us to breathe through those challenges, and in turn provides us with tools to cope with life’s various challenges off the mat.

Kind Yoga is self-love and self-care. It is letting go of criticisms and comparisons. It is accepting and encouraging. It is a celebration and love for all that your body can do.

It gives you a space to show kindness to yourself, so that you can in turn step out into the world and show kindness to others.

(*Immense gratitude to all my mentors and teachers who have inspired this ‘manifesto’ and approach to yoga practice and teaching).

A little more about Robyn Bell – founder of Kind Yoga.

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*Photo above by Kate Nutt Photography, shot at Byron Yoga Centre, 2017.