What is ‘Kind Yoga’?

The intention of Kind Yoga is being kind to ourselves – and to create a sustainable yoga (movement, mindfulness, breath) practice, which assists us to feel a little more at ease in our bodies and our minds day-to-day.

Kind Yoga is based on the principles of mobility and alignment focused Hatha Yoga, blended with a bit of rejuvenating Restorative Yoga as well.

Classes aim to promote greater range and freedom of movement while maintaining stability and integrity, with gentle, functional strengthening and lengthening, mindfulness in movement, nourishment for the nervous system, and the option of space for stillness. The focus of the classes will be safe alignment, using a variety of yoga props  (blocks, bolsters, chairs) to allow all bodies to find positions of (most) ease within each of the shapes, breath awareness, and most importantly – listening to and honouring our bodies, our needs and our energy levels – all of which will change from day to day.

Kind Yoga classes are:

  • Body Positive – there is no such thing as a ‘yoga body’ – everybody and every body is welcome in a judgement-free space.
  • Non-Competitive – you will be encouraged to tune into your individual needs and become empowered to choose the options and variations throughout the class that best suit your body and mind, on that particular day. There is no ‘right’ way to practice, just lots of options available, offered with compassion and without suggestion of ‘hierarchy’.
  • Inclusive – welcoming all levels of experience and flexibility, ages, genders, shapes and sizes. LGBTQ+ friendly. Beginner friendly.
  • Empowering – meet yourself where you are at when you walk into the space. There is no need to do anything that is offered if it doesn’t feel appropriate for you. Choices are offered throughout to cater the practice to your needs. No hands-on assists will be offered without your consent (using consent discs pictured below – which enable you to change your mind at any time, using an ‘opt-in’ rather than ‘opt-out’ approach to touch).


Notes on accessibility / facilities at our venue, EWMAC:

  • The space we use is accessible, with no stairs required to access the room.
  • A gender-neutral bathroom is attached to the yoga space and available for use. You are also welcome to use the centre’s main bathroom facilities, including gender-neutral change rooms, an accessible toilet, as well as male and female toilets and change rooms.

Click here to view Kind Yoga class times in Echuca, Victoria.


Photo and production of our Kind Yoga consent discs by www.kasoobi.com.au

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